Al May Memorial Trophy

The Award was established in 2010 in honor of Al May , AOS Judge, Show Chair and long time member of the MVOS.  The award is for the Best Pleurothallis Alliance in the Show.

2023 Al May  Memorial Trophy for the best Pleurothalid in the  Show– Platystele ovatilobia grown by Edgar Stehli of Windswept in Time Orchids.  Photo by Stu Fleischaker

Miami Valley Orchid Society

Dayton’s only place for Orchid Expertise

2022 Recipient:  Windswept in Time Orchids- Platystele ovatiloba

2022 Recipient: Eric Sauer - Pabstiella tripterantha ‘River Valley’ CCM/AOS

2021 No Award

2020 Recipient: New Vision Orchids - Masdevalia Marinrod ‘Marsh Hollow’ HCC/AOS

2019 Recipient:  Michele Little - Masdevallia velifera

2018 Recipient:  Windswept in Time Orchids - Stelis superbiens

2017 Recipient:  Eric Sauer- Lindleyalis saueri

2016 Recipient: Porter’s Orchids- Masdevallia Maui Lollipop

2016 MAOC Recipient: Stephen Benjamin - Lepanthopsis astrophora

2015 Recipient: Eric Sauer - Pleurothallis trichostoma

2014 Recipient: Larry Sanford - Masdevallia Hana Nguyen ‘Melissa’ HCC/ AOS

2013 Recipient: Larry Sanford - Masdevallia coccinea alba ‘Greentrees’ AM/AOS

2013 MAOC Recipient: Larry Sanford - Masdevallia Rebecca

2012 Recipient: Windswept in Time Orchids - Masdevallia veitchiana

2011 Recipient: Natt’s Orchids - Masdevallia Night Shade

2010 Recipient: Larry Sanford - Masdevallia Golden Sun