February 2020 Newsletter



Wednesday February 12th, 2020 7:00 PM

Social and Culture Questions 6:30 PM

Cox Arboretum


Speaker: Barry Jones, Orchid Outlet

Topic: Latouria Dendrobiums and Their Breeding


Barry and Jane Jones are the owners of Orchid Outlet in the Cincinnati area.† Barry is a long time grower and accredited AOS Judge.† Barry will be talking about this interesting group of Dendrobiums!


Orchid Outlet will have a sales table at the meeting


All are invited to dinner at the Thai Kitchen on Kingsridge Drive behind the mall† about 5:15 prior to the meeting.

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No one has volunteered for food for the meeting, if you would like to help please let us know. Linda will have a sign up sheet at the meeting for 2020 food volunteers.†† Please plan to sign up if you enjoy having food at our monthly meetings!!



†We need all hands on deck to help with the show.† First, we need your blooming plants.† Please email your plant registrations to Eric or just bring them to the meeting and we can get them registered.†† We need lots of blooming plants to fill our society exhibit that Stan and Ron are leading! You can bring and leave your plants at the meeting, or bring them Thursday evening from 5-7 PM or drop them by Friday morning at set up before 10 AM.†


We also need your help all weekend- Starting with set up on Friday from 9am until about 8 pm.† Lots of tasks to do and the first opportunity to check out the vendor plants!† We also need your help Saturday morning to serve as clerks to help the judges hang ribbons on all the plants- No experience required and lots of fun.†


We need lots of food to feed all the judges, vendors and volunteers all weekend!† Bring main dishes, sides, snacks or desserts!† Please let Anne know what you can bring or throw some cash in to help purchase food


We can use help all weekend with various tasks, so just come and we will put you to work and have lots of fun!†


Lastly, we need lots of help at 4pm on Sunday for tear down.† With lots of hands we are typically done by 6pm with all the cleanup.†



†It is again that time of year to renew your membership.† The membership form is on the following page.† Please bring your membership to the meeting or simply send it to Steve.††

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