January 2020 Newsletter


Wednesday January 8th, 2020 7:00 PM

Social and Culture Questions 6:30 PM

Cox Arboretum


Speaker: Yvonne Dunphe, Oakwood Orchids

Topic: Bulbophyllums


Yvonne and Jim are the owners of Oakwood Orchids here in Dayton and are long time vendors at our Spring Show.† Yvonne is the Volunteer Coordinator at Five Rivers MetroParks.† She will be presenting on a very large and interesting genus called Bulbophyllum which has notorious foul smelling flowers, but many are not fragrant or even have pleasant fragrances.† Come and learn about this diverse and easy to grow group of orchids.


Oakwood Orchids will have a sales table at the meeting


All are invited to dinner at the Thai Kitchen on Kingsridge Drive behind the mall† about 5:15 prior to the meeting.

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Linda Barsalou has volunteered for food for the meeting. She will have a sign up sheet at the meeting for 2020 food volunteers.†† Please plan to sign up if you enjoy having food at our monthly meetings!!



Thank you to those who have stepped up already to help!† We can† use help with newsletter articles.† These can be on any subject that you like and can be emailed to Eric anytime.† Plant photos and topic suggestions are also welcome!†



Each year we mail out approximately 2000 post cards advertising our show. This is our main advertising for the event and drive a lot of people to attend.† Please plan to arrive as close to 6:30 as possible to help apply labels and stamps.†



†It is again that time of year to renew your membership.† The membership form is on the following page.† Please bring your membership to the January meeting or simply send it to Steve.††


Also, consider joining the American Orchid Society.†† For more information see www.aos.org



Make sure to mark your calendars for the 2020 MVOS Spring Show and Mid America Orchid Congress.† February 15-16, 2019.† Set up will be Friday February 14th- We will need your help anytime on Friday, Saturday to help clerk the show which includes supporting the judges and placing ribbons (no experience required!) and manning the society table Saturday and Sunday.† Tear down will be Sunday at 4 PM.† Plan to hang out for the weekend!

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