January 2018 Newsletter



Wednesday January 10th, 2018 7:00 PM

Social and Culture Questions Time 6:30 PM

Cox Arboretum


Speaker: Brian Spitler

Topic: Cymbidiums


Brian is an accredited American Orchid Society Judge and a long time member of the Greater Cincinnati Orchid Society.†


Brian will be speaking on Cymbidiums, which is a genus first described in 1799 comprising about 72 species and 15 natural hybrids which are the parents to thousands of hybrids.† Cymbidiums range from China to Australia and can be found in both warm and cool growing habitats.†


We will be meeting at the Thai Kitchen for dinner before the meeting at 5:15.



Linda Barsalou has volunteered for food for the meeting. She will have a sign up sheet at the meeting for 2018 food volunteers.†† Please plan to sign up if you enjoy having food at our monthly meetings!!



We could use some help with a few volunteers.†† First, we need someone to manage the judging and show table at the monthly meetings.†† This simply involves making sure we have entry tickets, making sure we have a table judge each month and keeping track of the points earned for the year.†† We could also use help with newsletter articles.† These can be on any subject that you like and can be emailed to Eric anytime.† Plant photos and topic suggestions are also welcome!†



Each year we mail out approximately 2000 post cards advertising our show. This is our main advertising for the event and drive a lot of people to attend.† Please plan to arrive as close to 6:30 as possible to help apply labels and stamps.†


Next up is our Spring Show at Cox Arboretum!† Mark your calendars for February 16-18, 2018!!† Set up will start setup Friday morning about 9 am and will run until about 8 pm.† Please plan to help out for set up, tear down or many of the needed things during the weekend.† We will have sign up sheets at the meeting.† Plan on helping as a clerk on Saturday morning as well- Free breakfast and lots of fun and learning! You do not have to have any experience to help out at the show and this includes clerking!†


Most importantly, we will need lots of your blooming plants for the society exhibit.† Start now by staking and grooming your plants so they are ready to go for show time!! We will have our February meeting the week of the show, so you will be able to bring plants Wednesday night and leave them for set up!

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