July 2017 Newsletter


Wednesday July 12th, 2017 7:00 PM

Social and Culture Question Time 6:30 PM

Cox Arboretum


Speaker: Ron McHatton (via recorded webinar)

Topic: Orchids- Pests and Their Management


This topic is one that always raises many questions for every grower.† In this webinar, Ron McHatton, Chief Education and Science Officer for the American Orchid Society presents a detailed session on common pests found on orchids, their life cycles and how to control and eliminate them.† pests including meally bugs, scales, aphids, whitefly and others are discussed in detail.† We will have time for question and answers as well.



Hopefully you have already registered for this event!† It is now sold out, but the vendors are still able to bring you pre-ordered plants and will also have plants for sale the day of the event.† This yearís seminar, July 8, will feature Fred Clarke of Sunset Valley Orchids and Sam Tsui of Orchid Inn Ltd.† Plant sales are from 9AM to 4PM and the first of four lectures will begin at 10AM.† Please let us know if you would like to car pool down to Cincinnati for the event.



It looks like we had another great summer picnic!† We raised a little over $500 for the society!† Thanks to everyone who pitched in to make this a success!† Anne and Kevin on the food, Stan on the finances and Steve for helping out as well.† We are looking forward to seeing your blooming purchases at an upcoming meeting or show!



Did you know we have a society Facebook page?† Simply search Miami Valley Orchid Society and like us!



MEETING FOOD:† We need someone to volunteer for food for the meeting. Please let Linda know if you would be willing to help out!



Are you a member of the American Orchid Society?† If, not, take a look at the Society website for all of the benefits that are offered with membership.† There are also many resources available to non-members as well.† There are resources for orchid culture, including beginner resources, seasonal orchid tips and specific culture sheets.† There are also calendars of events for shows around the world and an orchid source directory for sources of plants and supplies.† Take a close look...www.aos.org



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