March 2018 Newsletter



Wednesday March 14th, 2018 7:00 PM

Social and Culture Questions Time 6:30 PM

Cox Arboretum


Speaker: Members of the MVOS

Topic: General Orchid Culture for the Miami Valley


We will be talking all things orchids... Repotting, watering, light, bugs, diseases, getting orchids to rebloom, not using ice on your orchids.....and whatever other questions you have. 


Please email Eric specific questions you would like to discuss and send him photos of your growing space and favorite orchid!


This meeting has become a bit of a tradition and it is always a lot of fun.  This is a great time to learn how other members grow their plants right here in the Miami Valley.  It is one thing to read about how to grow online or in a book, but this is the opportunity to learn how to do it right in your own hometown!


We will be having pizza for dinner at the meeting so come hungry! We will have pizza starting about 6:45. 



Loraine Hune and Anne O’Connell-Null have volunteered for food for the evening....Items that go with pizza!



We could use some help with a few volunteers.   First, we need someone to manage the judging and show table at the monthly meetings.   This simply involves making sure we have entry tickets, making sure we have a table judge each month and keeping track of the points earned for the year.   We could also use help with newsletter articles.  These can be on any subject that you like and can be emailed to Eric anytime.  Plant photos and topic suggestions are also welcome! 



Thanks to everyone who helped make the show a wonderful success!   We look forward to meeting all those new members who signed up at the show! A couple of notes from our vendors:


“We had a wonderful experience and as I mentioned the Hospitality that your society provided was very much appreciated! We plan to attend next please keep us on the list. Happy Growing!” RMP Orchids


“It was great! Thanks for the invite.” Tsuchibuta Pottery


“Please let everyone know how much their support meant to us all weekend!”  Hilltop Orchids



The 2018 Spring Mid America will be held April 28-29 in Strongsville, Ohio.



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