Don Walklet Memorial Trophy

The Award was established in 2007 in honor of Don Walklet, MVOS Secretary and Treasurer and long time member of the MVOS.  The award is for the Best Slipper Alliance in the Show.

2023 Don Walklet Memorial Trophy for the best lady slipper  in the  Show– Paph Sofia’s Dream grown by Rick and Alexa Noel of the Greater Cincinnati and Miami Valley Orchid Societies.  The Photo by Eric Sauer

Miami Valley Orchid Society

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2023 Recipient: Rick and Alexa Noel - Paphiopedilum Sophia’s Dream

2022 Recipient: Howard Martin- Paphiopedilum Dark Child ‘Howard P. Martin’ AM/AOS

2021 No Award

2020 Recipient: Steve Helbling - Phragmipedium QF Walter Scheeren AM/AOS

2019 Recipient: Steve Helbling - Phragmipedium Mont Remon

2018 Recipient:  Windswept in Time Orchids- Phragmipedium QF Walter Scheeren

2017 Recipient:  Ed and Dana White - Paph Eva Weigner

2016 Recipient: Steve Helbling - Phragmipedium Mont Remon

2016 MAOC Recipient: Orchid Inn - Paph. Orchid Joe’s Curly Q ‘Jeannie’s Choice’ AM, CCM/ AOS

2015 Recipient: Ed and Dana White - Paph Eva Weigner

2014 Recipient: Steve Helbling - Phragmipedium Fritz Schomburg FCC/AOS

2013 Recipient: Alexa and Rick Noel - Phragmipedium Noirmont ‘Stacey Noel’ AM/AOS

2013 MAOC Recipient: New Vision Orchids - Phragmipedium Jason Fischer

2012 Recipient: Eric Sauer - Phragmipdeium Don Wimber

2011 Recipient: Michele Little - Phragmipedium Stairway to Heaven

2010 Recipient: Steve Helbling - Paphiopedilum Julius ‘Bloody Ceasar’ AM/AOS

2009 Recipient: New Vision Orchids - Paphiopedilum Angela

2008 Recipient: Ralph Nagle - Paphiopedilum Gilbert Blythe ‘Valentine Sweetheart’ HCC/AOS

2007 Recipient: Windswept in Time Orchids - Paphiopedilum liemianum